Don't just take my word for it! Here's what clients and colleagues have to say about my work.


“Amber is a designer’s designer. Her talent is impressive, her process is rigorous, and her sense of color is sublime. Her work strives to show the power of design and how it can add value to business. Smart, passionate, and ready to change the world, Amber is special.”

Tom D.

Creative Director


“What I most noticed about Amber’s work, other than the fact it was impossibly beautiful, and intelligent, was her uncompromising attention to detail. Though we worked together for only a short while, I was impressed with her understanding of true Luxury. Luxury, in this Kardashian driven world is a truly polluted word. Amber understands the true intrinsic value of luxury beyond its cost. To those who truly understand the beauty of Luxury, the cost is actually the least meaningful factor. It is the quality and emotion which enriches, imbues, and has the power to change ones life, which makes it truly luxurious, whether it be an object, an experience or a person. True Luxury is multi- faceted and is beautiful for every sense, in every sense. This is what Amber pursues in her life, personally, professionally with dedication and passion, every hour of every day. I am impressed with what she has created and inspires. Luxury is everyone.”

Robert L.

Studio owner


“Amber is the best designer I know. Trust me I have worked with a lot of designers.”

Jason F.

Creative Director


“I’ve seen her create a gorgeous retail space and environmental elements, whimsical print pieces, airy signage, and much more. Besides having a keen eye for style and color, Amber is conceptual in each of her designs. She has a thought process that fuels her ideas to make them strategically sound and aesthetically delightful. She also is precise and thinks things through – to make sure that the ideas she brings to the table are the best they can possibly be.”

Michelle S. 

Senior Copywriter