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Style and branding should not be treated as two disparate entities especially if you are the face of your business. I'm talking to you entrepreneurs! Your brand should be a reflection of yourself so much so that when your clients meet you they already feel like they know you just from visiting your website or social media. You will gain lifetime fans if a potential client can see your authenticity in every aspect of your business.

Check out these five style archetypes and see which one you are. Use the branding identity tips to create a strong brand look and feel!


Classic Minimalist


Less is more is your motto and your style reflects this down to every last detail. Your effortless looks are thoughtful and curated; nothing slips past your discerning eye. Friends may say "haven't you bought that before? Don't you have a million black tops like that?" But you know the details matter, and yes, there is a difference between that deep black tee and the slightly dark gray one. Grab your square tote and revel in your all-white outfit. 

Brand Identity Tips

Stick to the monochromic color palette, it's your strength and specialty. Others might not have the restraint or sophistication to reign it in but you do! Helvetica Neue and other clean sans-serif fonts perfectly express your aesthetic. Look for photography with lots of open space and a simplified lighting style. Again, less is more!


New Ladylike


With more dresses than you can count and floral prints for days, you love the girly vibes and we don’t blame you. Pretty jewels and lace up heels are some of your favorites for a feminine chic #ootd. You’re sweeter than honey and love all things romantic, in fact you feel more yourself in heels than flats. A ton of class with a touch of sass is a perfect combination, keep loving the chic life and looking gorgeous on the daily babe! 

Brand Identity Tips

Your love of all things delicate and romantic can be expressed by using typographic ornaments and flourishes. Used strategically these elements can add that feminine touch you are known for. Softer color palettes accented with a strong neutral will work well for you. Incorporate this dreamy feel into your photography with special filters and soft lighting. You can get away with being girly so own it!


Casual and Chic


That everyday, approachable style of yours consists of your favorite worn-in jeans and laid-back slouchy tees. You are all about feeling comfortable and can pull off the “lazy girl” style with ease. Being cool and comfy is your motto, with simple and relaxed daily looks such as messy buns and those perfect white sneakers. You love to go with the flow, all you need is a book and an almond milk latte to complete your casual-chic look.

Brand Identity Tips

Keep the casual vibe going with handwritten fonts and whimsical quotes. Your brand messaging should be conversational exactly how you would talk to a friend. When choosing photography for your brand think laid back everyday people without much styling. This doesn't mean the photos should be sloppy though! Think breezy and effortless. 


City Cool Girl


Your rocker chic inspired style is so sexy and fun. You also appreciate the “less is more” lifestyle, with little to no color incorporated into your everyday looks. Who needs pink when there's black? Some ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and booties are all you need to feel 100% for a night of live music or bar hopping with friends. You’re totally chic and modern with an overall badass approach to life. You’re quite the showstopper, rock it! 

Brand Identity Tips

You've got some edge and should capitalize on this in your branding. Pushing boundaries is what you do and you can add that sass into your copywriting and visuals. Showcase your city grit by using provocative photography with urban settings; think ally ways and city street style. Strong colors and bold typography will work well with your personal style.


Glam Boho


This is reflected throughout your style with fun colorful prints & lightweight materials. Inspired by the 1970s and the hippie generation, you have an appreciation for everything free and organic. You’re definitely a lover: lover of good music, fashion, friends, and more. Never be afraid to express yourself and your free loving lifestyle, it’s what makes you unique, embrace it.

Brand Identity Tips

Rich natural textures and layered mis-matched visuals are perfect for you. An eclectic mix of fonts and colors will perfectly express your free-spirit. Maybe throw in a feather here and there for good measure. Try and keep it refined to avoid looking like a teen's Coachella blog post. Rich earthy colors and watercolor textures feel right for you.

Note: Most styles featured were found on The Outnet


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