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3 Ways to Find Your Brand’s Voice


Staying authentic to your brand’s true voice and message in your branding can be tricky. It is easy to want to emulate what other successful professionals have done, especially if you admire them. It takes an incredible amount of courage and restraint to stay true to what you know is best for your brand. Check out my advice on staying grounded in your own voice.

Note, there is no right or wrong approach to expressing your brand voice


Connect With Your Essence

The first step in staying authentic to your brand voice is to clearly define how you want to show up in the world. Spend some time to connect with your deepest desires for your brand. Envision your brand as a person: how would they look, talk, and act. If you feel a more casual tone would work well for your brand's voice; take some time to write down how you would talk to a friend. If you want to express your brand in a more elevated and polished fashion research luxury brands to find inspiration. No matter the approach you have to find a way to infuse personality into the tone and pacing of your brand's voice. 


Consider Your Words

There is a trend towards being very casual and conversational in tone, to the point of being vulgar, crass, or heavily using profanity in brand messaging. If this is truly how you want to represent your brand to the world and you genuinely connect with your ideal clients with this approach, then go for it! If this approach doesn't sit well with you or if you are feeling pressured to speak in this manner, don't do it! Listen to your intuition. 


Stand Up For Your Brand

Your brand needs to be watched over and protected like a precious gift because well, it absolutely is. No one is going to do this for you so you have to dig deep and fight for how you want to be perceived. Well-meaning coaches, friends, or family will give you advice such as; "try and use slang, be more professional, loosen up and be funny, add some edge."  Only you know in your core what works for you.

Certain approaches have worked well for others but that doesn't mean you should jump on their bandwagon. Create your own brand voice that resonates with your truth. Then fiercely defend it!